Susan reunited me with my birth mother, birth mother's family and siblings. She made the right connections so that made it all became possible. The reunion came just in time with my birth mother. I was able to meet her six months before she passed away. I am ever so thankful to have met her. My siblings and I have developed great relationships. You did a fabulous job on, my search - you truly are changing lives.

Thank you for finding my birth family.




Adoptee-Birthmother Reunion - Part 1

I want to thank Susan Palma of The Missing Connection for her hard work, tireless dedication and research for reuniting me with my sister and birthmother's family.  I first met Susan at The Missing Connection meetings in the mid 90's. She held monthly meetings for adult adoptees, birth parents and adoptive parents that were affected by adoption. Her group reunited many families in Northern, New York that were separated by adoption. Thinking back, I was not ready to really to go on this journey quite yet. I put what little I knew about my adoption in a folder and packed it away. 

Fast forward to 2015, I received a letter from The Missing Connection asking me if I was still wanting to be reunited with long, lost loved ones - my birthparents.  Susan was  going thru their older cases to see what cases were not solved as of yet. One of them was mine. 

I thought sure, why not? My wonderful adoptive parents were both passed away now as was my only sister (also adopted) and ALL of my relatives. I felt like the last man standing, the only one living person left in my family. I was ready to begin a serious search and could only hope that maybe, just maybe I would finally learn the real story of myself and my roots. 

I contacted Susan and my search began. She invested literally hundreds of hours doing the genealogy investigative work that would get us ever closer to finding my elusive answers.

She suggested I do a DNA test. Susan helped me make sense of my results and kept digging to figure out how the closest matches would lead me to my birth parents. It took alot of time, effort and patience. (of which I have very little) I wondered if I was ever going to find anyone. By May of 2017, I was really beginning to give up hope. All leads kept hitting dead ends. 

Susan kept telling me to hang in there, she would help me find my answers no matter how long it took. And then it happened! On May 31 of 2017 a DNA match came in as I matched to a sibling. OMG I HAD A SISTER! Susan initiated  the first phone contact with my sister, Mary.          I wasn't sure how she would take the news of suddenly having a brother. Then, after several messages and a few very long days waiting for a reply, Susan was able to speak with Mary. She then initiated a 3-way call with my sister, myself and Susan. It turns out my sister had been looking for me!  Mary only knew about me after her mother passed away from her aunt 8 years ago. She was thrilled to find me and have a brother! Without Susan's help and encouragement, I don't think I would have ever found Mary.

The family reunion took place in July 2017 to meet my sister and her family. My wife and I drove to Florida. The reunion was amazing! My sister and I are very close to this day. Including all the new found relatives.

All of this is thanks to Susan Palma of The Missing Connection! I am so grateful for all her efforts and I know we shall be lifelong friends.

Much Thanks,

Kevin Clark

Watertown, NY​

I would highly recommend Susan Palma of The Missing Connection to anyone who is looking for long, lost loved ones.  

It was New Year’s Eve Day, I was 24 years old at the time when my mom called me and asked me to come over her house. When I got there she was crying. She had something she had to tell me. Then, she explained that the man that raised me was not my biological father and that he had adopted me when I was 11 months old. My dad did not want me to ever find out. Because as far as he was concerned I was his daughter. She proceeded to tell me that my biological father did not know she was pregnant. My mother and I did a lot of crying and talking that day.

About two weeks later, my mom told me she had contacted The Missing Connection. We meet with Susan. My mom gave her all the information she could remember. Susan took the information she had and started the search. She never gave up and was very focused on finding him.

Susan located my birthfather’s family in Kentucky. Unfortunately, my biological father had passed away. Susan was told by his sister he never had any other children. I spoke with my aunt for a long time on the phone. It was bitter sweet. I was very excited I found but very sad I was unable to meet my birth father. Susan and I traveled down to Kentucky for the family reunion to meet my aunts, uncles, cousins, and my grandmother. She was there from the beginning of the search till the reunion with support all the way!

I am very lucky because to this day I still have an amazing relationship with my birth father’s family. Susan is one amazing person with a passion for finding people. I am so grateful that she was able to find my birth family! She is an angel to many people.

Thank you Susan for all you do.

Reunited with birthfather’s family
​So blessed!

The Missing Connection
"Reuniting Long Lost Loved Ones"

Susan Palma, Investigative Genealogist
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25 Years of Experience


Adoptee-Birthfather Reunion - Part 2 

The Missing Connection

 "Reuniting Long Lost Loved Ones"

Now that I found my birthmother's side of the family in the Summer of 2017,  it was time to start trying to find my birthfather's side. From the information that was given from the birthmother's family and results of a DNA test, I was able to connect with a cousin on my birthfather's side from the pieces of the puzzle were put together.

Once the potential family was notified several members took DNA tests. There were 15 siblings in this family. As a result of this, the oldest sibling of 15 was my birthfather.  Going from no family left to literally hundreds of relatives. Then in December of 2017 I was reunited with my birthfather and one of my brothers. My birthfather was a genuinely nice man. The other brother lives out of town. I hope in time we too will be reunited.  

The family has accepted me with open arms. I feel a great deal of love for and from them whenever I have gone to visit them. I have been blessed greatly with the gift of family. I am not alone anymore. I think my Mom and Dad would be quite happy for me now. No one will ever replace them. I do however, get to have this huge family now and we are developing relationships that will last a lifetime.

 All of this was possible because of a simple letter from Susan Palma asking if I wanted to search for my birth families. I owe her my eternal gratitude. I would know none of my story or any of these wonderful people if it had been for her!!  

 If you are searching for answers, I highly recommend Susan Palma. Give her a call or send an email to the Missing Connection.


Kevin Clark

Watertown, NY