The Missing Connection

 "Reuniting Long Lost Loved Ones"


25 Years of Experience

" Impossible Search and Reunion of Adoptee and Birthfather"

 It was New Year’s Eve Day 1991, I was 24 years old at the time when my mom called me and asked me to come over her house. When I got there she was crying. She had something she had to tell me. Then, she explained that the man that raised me was not my biological father and that he had adopted me when I was 11 months old. My dad did not want me to ever find out. Because as far as he was concerned I was his daughter. She proceeded to tell me that my biological father did not know she was pregnant. My mother and I did a lot of crying and talking that day.

About two weeks later, my mom told me she had contacted a lady that had a search and support group in Watertown, NY named The Missing Connection. We meet with Susan. My mom gave her all the information she could remember; the problem was my biological fathers last name could be spelled many different ways. Susan took the information she had and started the search. She never gave up and was very focused on finding him.

It was 3 years later in 1994, she located my birthfather’s family in Kentucky. Unfortunately, my biological father had passed away. Susan was told by his sister he never had any other children. I spoke with my aunt for a long time on the phone. It was bitter sweet. I was very excited I found but very sad I was unable to meet my birth father. Susan and I travelled down to Kentucky for the family reunion in 1994 to meet my aunt, uncles, cousins, and my grandmother. She was there from the beginning of the search till the reunion with support all the way!

I am very lucky because to this day I still have an amazing relationship with my birth father’s family. Susan is one amazing person with a passion for finding people. I am so grateful that she was able to find my birth family! She is an angel to many people. Thank you Susan for all you do.

I would highly recommend The Missing Connection to anyone who is looking for long, lost loved ones.

So blessed!
Reunited with birthfather’s family