The Missing Connection

 "Reuniting Long Lost Loved Ones"


25 Years of Experience


Susan Palma, Investigative Genealogist


The Missing Connection

Investigative Seaches

The Missing Connection
"Reuniting Long Lost Loved Ones"

Susan Palma, Investigative Genealoigist
Phone: 703-994-2422 - Call / Text

Susan Palma is an Investigative Genealogist and Adoption Search Specialist. My business mainly focuses on locating birth families and adoption reunions.  My experience is combining genealogical and historical data and records with current data. I have been doing this type of research for over 25+ years. 

The consultation is FREE. I do not require a deposit. I have always had and still go by this policy for each and every search..... If I do not find, there is no fee. 

Each case is different and the costs will be provided after reviewing your search information. A written contract is provided to all of my clients.

If you are interested in hiring me to perform a search for you, please fill out the form on my Contact Us page. Please fill out all the required fields. I will be in contact with you within 48 hours. 

​You may also contact me directly at 703-994-2422 to discuss your search. 

​When I speak to long, lost family members that want to look, I always tell them to never give up. Life is full of twist and turns. You just never know they could be looking for you!


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