The Missing Connection reunites long, lost loved ones that were separated by adoption.  Founded in 1992.

Susan Palma is an adoptee.  She conducted her own search many years ago.  Susan was reunited with her birthfamily. From that she started a support group for adult adoptees, birthparents and adoptive parents.

She continued on her journey as a Investigative Genealogist to reunite many, many families for over the past 25+ years that were separated by adoption. Her passion and dedication still continue today with her husband Don on reconnecting families separated by adoption.

She understands where the clients are coming from with her being adopteed and she has walked in their shoes. She acts as the support for them before, during and after the search. She also acts as their intermediary when the initial connection is made. This has proven time and time again that Susan is invested in having a good reunion for both parties. She is with her clients every step of the way. Confidentiality is extremely important for all involved. 

This process is life changing. There is a roller coaster of emotions that will happen thru out the search process. Susan will be there for you no doubt every step of the way. She will also be able to recommend books and articles for adoptees and birthparents to read to prepare themselves. Susan listens and prepares you for the journey. 

Susan absolutely loves reuniting long, lost family members that were separated by adoption. It shows and gives her great joy and happiness to be able to put the pieces of the puzzle together for the families that have had many unanswered questions.

Never ever give up tells everyone! She has clients that were separated for 70 years and were recently reunited. There is hope for everyone! It will happen!......


The Missing Connection 

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The Missing Connection

 "Reuniting Long Lost Loved Ones"


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The Missing Connection
"Reuniting Long Lost Loved Ones"

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Sylvia's had a passion for reuniting long, lost long ones. Sylvia was not an adoptee or a birthparent herself. But her sister was a birthmother. She reunited her nieces and nephews with her sister.

Sylvia then continued her dedication in reuniting hundreds of families thru The Missing Connection that were separated by adoption. We are thankful for knowing this amazing lady. Her smile and laugh was so contagious! Sylvia will be truly missed and forever in our hearts!

This Website Is Dedicated In 

Loving Memory of Sylvia Schwandner

1942 - 1996

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Donald Palma

- Investigative Genealogist

Susan was presented with a beautiful gift from one of her clients that she reunited in 2017.

Susan Palma

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